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"Paddock burning used to be a hot, dirty, tedious and physically taxing task. No more. The windows are up, and the air conditioner is on."

The Accufire firelighter is an appliance that allows agriculture land managers to undertake paddock burning operations to facilitate the removal of excessive combustible stubble material by applying fire in a controlled manner, from a moving vehicle.


Our Broadacre unit is popular with Australia's farmland managers whose focus is on the removal of windrows, chaff heaps and residual stubble material with harvest weed seed management in mind.


Our Forest unit is used by land managers whose focus is on routine hazard reduction burning of flammable forest vegetation and rangeland grass vegetation.


Let ACCUFIRE introduce you to comfort, speed and efficiency!




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If you have an urgent request or would prefer to chat via phone please call John on 0427 722031.


The Accufire head office is based in Western Australia.

Please contact us for international enquires.



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