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Why Accufire?

An Accufire unit can be remotely controlled from a utility cabin; meaning the actions of lighting fire and the person in control are located apart, keeping the user safe. Other lighters available are for smaller area treatment and are handheld or hand operated and function at a slow speed.


  • In-cab switch control for fire on / fire off (windows up, no more dead arm).

  • Quick-tatch to utility dropside.

  • Fast ground speed capability.

  • Fuel and gas efficient.

  • Operates in forward and reverse.

  • Hands-free, stress-free.

  • Long range on board igniting capability.

  • Obstacle flick past spring loaded swingarm (Forest unit only).

  • Compact size for convenient lifting and locating (Forest unit only).

  • Ambidextrous for LH or RH drive (Forest unit only).

  • Adjustable angle depending on speed or cast distance (Forest unit only).

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