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Accufire and Agroforestry

Fire safety and management has never been more important than it is today. At Accufire, we know first-hand the importance of conducting effective but safe ways to burn effectively but also keep the user safe from potential harm.

This month we want to highlight Davec Equipment’s Trailblazer Vee Shear and High-Speed Trail Grader – the former a bulldozing equipment that clears a track without leaving a mess and the latter used to clear debris and flammable material from a fire trail at high speed.

We highly recommend using these companioned machineries alongside our Accufire equipment to safely manage burning operations. The Trailblazer Vee Shear will give you the vital access to set up small areas for controlled burning so that you can stop the burning before it goes out of hand. The High-Speed Trail Grader is a very economical machine that clears away debris, stones and other flammable material without moving soil, levelling the ground before a controlled burn.

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