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Stoking The Fire - An Update From John Stewart.

What’s new in the fight against Herbicide Resistance?

Not all weed species are suitable for Harvest Weed Seed Control.

This news isn't new but it’s really interesting to see what the future may hold.

In-crop guided shielded sprayers may be the likely first step to counter remaining weeds on a broad acre scale. Autonomous and robotic vehicles may not be that far behind.

Electrocution, Fire, Microwave, Steam, High pressure water and spot cultivation, all with pinpoint accuracy. These are the techniques the worlds agricultural researchers are working on as non-herbicide possibilities for future weed control.

Who knows? Harvest Weed Seed Control may one day be a thing of the past!

What’s next for Accufire?

This year we will be producing our “Well Body” Accufire version, for the changing nature of vehicles used on farm.

"Technology has made large populations possible; large populations now make technology." indispensable. - Joseph Krutch.



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