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You asked for it, so we developed the new Accufire CANE. 


Based on our popular Forest Mini, this neat unit comes complete with the spring arm and is designed specifically for Sugar Cane farms.


Fuel Tank

A boat fuel tank stores the liquid accelerant used for the combustable fuel source.


Gas Bottle

A propane filled gas bottle is used as the storage vessel for the firelighters ignition fuel.



An electrical pump and solenoid assembly is used to apply the flow and stop mechanism to the liquid accelerant.



The chassis of the firelighter houses the key components of the firelighter.


Firelighter Layout

The key components of the firelighter are secured together.

  • The gas bottle, fuel tank and pump housing are mounted onto the chassis and separated by two steel firewalls
  • A 2 metre long liquid accelerant hose and a gas hose run from the pump housing area to the remote swingarm assembly on the side of the utility vehicle.
  • From the pump housing 2core electrical wiring runs to the cabin of the utility vehicle.


How it works

To prepare the “Accu-fire” CANE firelighter ensure it is fastened on your vehicle securely.

Propane gas is turned on at the gas bottle and at the top of the gas lance. Gas flowing through the nozzle at the bottom of the lance is lit. The flame generated is a pilot flame and stays ignited through the complete burning procedure. This pilot flame does not light the combustible paddock material.


The firelighter is now ready to engage. The direction of the vehicle is going to travel and speed (0 to 40kmh) is chosen. The switch turning on the electric pump and shut off solenoid is activated.

The liquid accelerant pumps from the fuel tank through the 2 metre hose to the remote swingarm and clamp assembly. Note the arm is on a spring, so will "flick" past obstacles as it goes.


The now, ignited liquid lands on the ground, engaging the combustible material to be removed.

At the point chosen to stop burning the paddock material, the cab switch is de activated, turning off the liquid pump and cutoff solenoid which halts the burning process. The switch can be turned on again at any time to restart the burning process.

ACCUFIRE CANE - Custom Fitted for Sugar Cane

  • WA Delivery 3-7 Working Days.

    All Eastern States 7-14 Working Days.

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