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The Accufire Forest MINI is anything but MINI in its performance. 


It marries the grunt of the MAXI with huge adaptability. Its smaller size allows it to fit onto smaller loadbins and can even fit side by side on fast attacking fire fighting vehicles.  


The Forest MINI has a compact chassis holding a 3 kg propane cylinder and 11 litres of accelerant plus a backup 23 litres in the auxiliary. The MINI is perfect for fire risk mitigation groups that are looking for the convenience of tossing the 25kg unit on their fast attack vehicle and setting it to work.


Don’t make a mistake, it still casts its thread of fire up to 2.5 metres from the vehicle and for a travel distance of about 8km at 20 km/h. That’s just with the small tank.


As with the MAXI, the MINI comes with an obstacle flick past” spring-loaded swingarm and a “FUELBANK”.  


  • WA Delivery 3-7 Working Days.

    All Eastern States 7-14 Working Days.

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